Importance of Web Design and Development

web design and development

web design and development

One of the most widely sought after fields on the World Wide Web today is web design and development. There are many companies who hire the above services for the creation and maintenance of their websites on the internet. With the aid of a website they are able to enhance brand presence and draw targeted traffic to them. Web designers and developers face the challenge to make a website interface that is interactive and appealing.

Necessity Of Websites

Having a website on the internet is an indispensable part of a business. It provides you a very strong stand in the market and also creates a bridge between the business and customer who is looking for you. This means your website will allow potential customers to know more about you and the products cum services that you provide. If you are going online for the first time it is important for you to have an appealing and good quality website for your needs.

Both web development and design are two separate processes however in most cases they are often referred to as one because they are dependent on one another. Website design is one that focuses on the overall look and feel of the website whereas website development gives the functionality required for the website to work and look good. There are two types of website designs-

Static Website – this is a website that is created in HTML. This is the abbreviation of Hyper-Test-Markup-Language. This language is used for the coding the fundamental web pages in the form of a document with the use of several tags and markups.

These tags are used by web browsers that make it possible for the visitor to see the website graphically. These WebPages remain static till they are not manually updated by the website owner. These pages serve the purpose of an online brochure that provides information about the organization and the products/services it offers.

On these websites there are audio, visuals, animations, texts, visuals and more that are deployed for describing the company. Different editors can be used for making this website. The software used for the editing is for writing codes in HTML. Two examples in this regard are Notepad and Text-Edit.

They have a number of fundamental features you can use for writing the codes. Besides the above there are also some very sophisticated editors that are called WYSIWYG editors like Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Dreamweaver and more. You also have the choice for resorting to online editors integrated with WYSIWYG features along with platforms that are based on Flash.

Dynamic Website- This website keeps on changing its features and content. There are websites that are used with languages like ASP, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion etc. This makes the nature of the website dynamic. The languages listed above have the sole motto to give functionality to the website where the user is able to interact and store the data required.  This data is inserted, converted and later retrieved again. These websites tend to deploy WYSIWYG editors for the input of graphics and subsequently coding them in the web language of their requirements.

Both static and dynamic websites require to be tested before they are launched. They also need to be refined before they finally go live. It is essential for the webmaster to conduct testing on the website for accessibility, content, connection speed, links, scripts and more. The website also requires to be tested for search engine optimization and safety. There are three points of consideration that you should take. You need to fix the flaws of the website then evaluate it on the things you can improve and last consider some future ideas if possible.


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